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Anderlaine International: your committed English-speaking business partner in the French Alps

Anderlaine: multidisciplinary expertise

Anderlaine is a dynamic multidisciplinary company that was created from the merger of SR Conseil, Sareg, Lexalp and a notarial firm.

It has assembled all our regulated professions – chartered accountants, lawyers, notaries and auditors – under a single umbrella, to support our 12,000 professional clients and 18,000 individual clients.

Our desire to forge even stronger bonds with our clients inspired us to create Anderlaine (‘andere’ means ‘other’ in German and ‘laine’ means ‘wool’ or ‘yarn’ in French, evoking the idea of a taut thread). ‘Pluriels, plus haut’ is the promise (in French) our 600 employees in our 20 offices in the Rhône-Alpes region make to you: they contribute their wide-ranging expertise and are committed to helping you succeed in your ventures.

Anderlaine also marks the start of a new era in digital customer service. With this ambition in mind, we’re rolling out new digital tools, and our clients are already seeing their benefits. They also continue to receive support from our customer experience teams, who listen to their needs and are there at every step of the customer journey.

Anderlaine is more than just a new name. It’s a new identity, a pledge to bring you value, and our unwavering commitment to helping our clients to succeed.
Learn about Anderlaine and let us guide you to success!

What is an SPE?

A Société Pluriprofessionnelle d’Exercice (SPE) is a multidisciplinary French business form created by the Macron Law of 2015, which completely changed the landscape of private-practice professions (professions libérales) in France. With an SPE, regulated professionals can consolidate their respective added value in a single organisation.

In 2019, Anderlaine (then SR Conseil) was among the first in the Alps to create an SPE that united chartered accountants, lawyers, and statutory auditors. At the time, only 27 SPEs set up offered chartered accountancy services (source: revuefrancaisedecomptabilite.fr/la-profession-comptable-en-chiffres). Then in 2021, the partners brought a notary on board, putting the finishing touch on today’s Anderlaine SPE.

    • Anderlaine is born

      In June 2024, the Group changed its name to Anderlaine to reflect its unique status in the Alps as an SPE grouping together 4 regulated professions, and developed its brand promise in French: Pluriels, plus haut.

    • A notary entered the fold

      Ludovic Vulliermet’s Aix-les-Bains firm joined forces with our SPE, putting its skills to work for the SPE and its corporate and private clients

    • Sareg joined the group

      SAREG, a specialised company in the Vallée d’Aulps area joined the SPE, bringing in three new offices: Les Gets, Morzine, and St Pierre-en-Faucigny

    • Lexalp law firm joined the group, which became an SPE

      The merger with the Chambéry-based law firm Lexalp enabled the Group to become one of the first Sociétés Pluriprofessionnelles d’Exercice (SPE) to bring together chartered accountants, lawyers and statutory auditors in southeast France.

    • Tax Management of Rental Income business unit relocated in Porte-de-Savoie

      This business unit, located in Francin Porte-de-Savoie, provides individual investors with bespoke advice on assessing their tax liability and so much more.

    • Savoie Révision became SR Conseil

      This change of name brought forth a new era. We expanded our consulting services to include chartered accountancy, making this one of the Group’s core values. During that time, we continued our acquisitions and opened new offices: Thonon in 2001, St Jean-de-Maurienne in 2004, Faverges in 2011, Francin in 2012, Challes-les-Eaux in 2014, Gap and Marnaz in 2016 and the Team Up IT business in 2018.

    • Cheney became Savoie Révision

      With this name change, we revealed our ambition to continue developing and start building a group. The Aix-les-Bains and La Motte-Servolex offices were opened in the 1980s, followed by the Grenoble-Meylan office in 1993.

    • The group’s founding: the Cheney firm

      Bruno Cheney founded the Cheney firm, which grew rapidly in the Chambéry region. We opened offices in Albertville, Bourg St Maurice, Moûtiers and Chamonix in the 1970s.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals centred around 30 entrepreneurial partners

Anderlaine’s 30 partners are more than just experts; they are also entrepreneurs who truly understand the issues and challenges that come with opening or taking over a business. They are passionate and committed leaders to our multidisciplinary teams and are always there to lend an ear.

Our 600+ employees, based out of over 20 offices, work hand in hand with our clients, putting all their talent and energy at your service to ensure all your ventures succeed.

Driven by strong values that put people first

Anderlaine is a promise. A promise to stick to our C.U.T.E. values, both internally and externally: C for Commitment, U for Unity, T for Trust and E for Excellence.


Our professional commitment draws from the solidarity between our teams, clients and the region.

As an independent company run by entrepreneurial partners, our commitment to our clients promises them excellence and unwavering focus on their needs.

Our teams’ commitment to each other throughout our various offices has forged a sense of solidarity that underpins our ability to rise to challenges together.

Our commitment is also reflected in our responsibility to our region: we actively support local social, environmental and economic initiatives.


The strength of our collective lies in the union of our skills and individuality

Our multidisciplinary company combines diverse expertise to embrace the spirit of unity. Our individual strengths join forces to create a greater whole. We also work closely with our clients, constantly striving to understand their complex needs and offer integrated solutions.


The backbone of all our collaborations

Trust is in the company’s DNA. It allows us to forge solid relationships with our teams and with our clients, and highlights our commitment to acting with integrity, transparency and reliability. We believe that trust in each other is the foundation of our shared success.


We have multidisciplinary excellence and we’re multiplying the possibilities

Our multidisciplinary company features many areas of excellence, providing us with an unrivalled creative force. We welcome and nurture the excellence of all our talents, to multiply their possibilities alongside our own. Our company culture creates space for each individual to flourish while also offering them many opportunities for continued professional development.

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Partnerships guided by our desire to be multidisciplinary

‘Pluriels, plus haut’ is our promise in French to you, one that we apply in our relationships with meaningful partners. Commitment is one of our four key values: we are committed to serving our clients better, to helping our employees to grow, and also to our local community, to play an active role in helping others.Anderlaine puts this value into practice by backing initiatives such as Odyssea (race against breast cancer that takes place every year in the streets of Chambéry), as well as Réseaux Entreprendre (entrepreneurial networks) and entrepreneurship in general in our company’s four local departments and, last but not least, several major local athletes and clubs.

We actively support and guide entrepreneurs and business owners as a major partner of the Réseau Entreprendre and the Prix des Neiges.

Multidisciplinary, just like our clients

Anderlaine’s teams have been a long-standing presence in the area and are familiar with the day-to-day work of our highly diverse clients.

Bespoke support at every step of your business and your life

Whether you’re an individual or you run a company, an association, or a local authority, we can offer you a full range of bespoke services to suit your current needs. Our experts work together under the same umbrella, thanks to our status as a multidisciplinary company (Société Pluriprofessionnelle), which ensures improved communication between all our stakeholders.

Start / take over a business

Manage day-to-day work

Growth management

Establish a presence in France

Sale and transfer

Join us: we take our talents to the level of Excellence.

They are our strength and our driving force in meeting challenges.


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