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SAREG becomes Anderlaine International

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SAREG becomes Anderlaine International: A new identity for a diversified dynamic

On 13 June 2024, SAREG became Anderlaine International, as part of Anderlaine, a resolutely dynamic société pluriprofessionnelle [multi-professional company] committed to supporting its clients in all their ventures, whether they are professionals (12,000 B2B clients) or private individuals (18,000 individual clients).

A diverse identity

Anderlaine was created from the merger of SR Conseil, SAREG, Lexalp and a notarial firm, and employs 600 people at 20 sites throughout the Rhône-Alpes (Isère, Savoie, Haute-Savoie) and PACA (Hautes-Alpes) area. The company is a one-stop shop with several regulated professionals (chartered accountants, lawyers, notaries and auditors) and their teams under one roof. They leverage their multidisciplinary expertise to provide their clients with support in all their business ventures.

A commitment to being close to our clients and an ambitious promise 

Anderlaine is an anagram of ‘adrenaline’. The name also draws its true meaning from the word ‘andere’, which means ‘other’ in German and ‘laine’, which means ‘wool’ or ‘yarn’ in French, evoking the idea of the ties we weave. The group’s thirty partners chose Anderlaine to symbolise and embody their tight-knit relationships and closeness with their clients.

With this new name comes a new slogan, a new promise: ‘Pluriels, plus haut’. It embodies the idea that we can go further together when we’re united in our diversity. The company is therefore promising its clients to provide them with bespoke support and diversified expertise, to help them to achieve their goals.

Anderlaine is the way our 30 partners interpreted our own version of a multi-professional company that respects our values,’ explains Emmanuel Larrazet, Chairman of Anderlaine. “We are convinced that a company’s strength lies in the diversity of its talents and how well their skills complement each other. Building on strong and cohesive teams and business lines, Anderlaine now has a clear identity for our clients and this new identity enables us to unite all our teams under the same umbrella.”

Heading towards a more digitised customer journey

Electronic invoicing is slated to become compulsory for all businesses in 2026 and tools called Plateformes de Dématérialisation Partenaires [Paperless Partner Platforms] (PDPs) will be used to automate invoicing. Anderlaine wants to make this switchover seamless for its clients. In order to achieve this, it is working on an upcoming industry-specific PDP with other accountancy professionals. It should be available soon.
But Anderlaine is more than just digital, it also takes a people-first approach for its customer experience. For the past year, dedicated Customer Experience Managers have been speaking to clients, seeking to understand their needs and offer and implement technological invoicing and accounting solutions that complement their current services.

A new location for consulting excellence

Due to the growing demand for its services, Anderlaine has decided to move its Porte-de-Savoie office, which has become too small, to a new building being handed over in 2025. This new location will showcase Anderlaine’s diverse business lines. It will regroup the legal, social and accountancy teams, including most of the members of the team specialising in the tax management of rental income. The new office building will also give us more space to welcome new talent in the coming months.

Collective strength in striving for excellence

Anderlaine marks the start of a new era. Anderlaine is more than just a new name. It’s a new identity, a pledge to bring you value, pride in our collective dynamic and proof of our unwavering commitment. ‘We’re a diverse group and we’re taking our clients to new heights!’